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SSEC Magazine provides updates and articles about the people, policy and practice involved in community development. It is the only magazine that focuses specifically on community development across and beyond the UK.

The Magazine is sent to all SSEC members and to other subscribers who have an interest in community development. It is also available at SSEC events. The distribution rate is currently around 800 copies per issue.

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It is a great way to get in touch with other community development practitioners and decision-makers, to celebrate your successes or share your frustrations.

If you'd like to submit an article to SSEC Magazine, or if you'd like us to share your news, please contact 0121 111 4441 or email


Advertising in SSEC Magazine
Although we have a policy of not placing any adverts within SSEC magazine or website (except for online job adverts), we will include leaflets as inserts in the Magazine for a cost ranging from £80 - £250.

Extra charges will be added if inserts are bulky or if they push the newsletter postage cost into a higher weight band. In the interests of our members, material must be approved by SSEC before distribution.

For any queries relating to advertising through SSEC Magazine or on the website please contact contact 0121 111 4441 or email