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Neighbourhood Challenge programme launched

Thursday 28th October 2016, 13:10

NESTA have launched the Neighbourhood Challenge - a new programme to support community-led innovation. It aims to show how community organisations – when equipped with the right skills, practical tools and small, catalytic amounts of money – can galvanise people to work together to create innovative responses to local priorities, particularly in neighbourhoods with low levels of social capital.

Community organisations across England are invited to apply to the 18-month programme. NESTA will select ten organisations and provide them with funding to trial an approach to community organising that reflects their own vision for what will work best in their area.

They will provide the practical tools and high-quality training needed for participating organisations to help people in their communities create local campaigns, innovative community projects and new social enterprises that address their passions and priorities. We will also provide micro-finance to support the development of local projects and establish local challenge prizes to incentivise community-led innovation.

The Neighbourhood Challenge will deliver tangible impact and powerful case studies in local areas. At the same time, it will be rigorously evaluated to inform the Government’s thinking about how to make the Big Society work for all communities in the UK.

Find out more about the Neighbourhood Challenge Programme:

Please note that the closing date for applications is 22 November at 12 noon.

Topics: Community Development, Neighbourhood Renewal / Regeneration

Location Tags: UK / the Four Nations

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