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SSEC Magazine - Issue 64, Spring 2018

Wednesday 2nd March 2018, 18:03

Issue 64 of SSEC magazine is out now, featuring articles on:

  • An urgent appeal for your support…
  • The Big Society - community organisations and community development
  • The campaign for community development
  • Big Society realities, and the need for Our Society
  • The Toone Army: How SSEC has evolved over the last eight years
  • SSEC members and Big Society
  • 2018: The year political activism and progressive politics goes open source

SSEC Members will receive their free copy shortly. Join SSEC if you'd like to receive future issues directly, contact us to subscribe to the magazine or buy a copy of Issue 64, for the measly sum of £3.50!

We're already working on the next edition, so please contact Sammie Tanns if you'd like to submit an article or have any feedback on this issue of SSEC Magazine.

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Location Tags: UK / the Four Nations

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