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Monday 9th August 2016, 11:08

We're today launching a new member category - e-membership. We're working to get more people involved in the debates about government policy and the responses of the community development world, and will help us to bring them closer together through our work.

E-members will receive our monthly e-zine, policy updates (PARPs) and occasional news about our work, all for the princely sum of nowt!

Do you currently forward our e-bulletins on to your colleagues and/or networks? Why not suggest that they receice SSEC news and views directly by becoming an e-member?

Please note: e-membership is not the same as full membership of SSEC. E-members will not receive SSEC voting rights, free copies of our magazine and other SSEC publications, discounted places at events and reduced advertising rates on the SSEC website and other member offers. To receive all of these, become a full member of SSEC.

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