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Community development’s values

Community development is distinct from other ways of working with communities because it is underpinned by a specific set of values. When people or organisations join SSEC, they agree to work towards these values.

SSEC agrees with and is committed to the values set out in the current NOS:

  • Equality and Anti-discrimination
    Community development practice challenges structural inequalities and discriminatory practices. Community development recognises that people are not the same, but they are all of equal worth and importance and therefore entitled to the same degree of respect and acknowledgement.
  • Social Justice
    The aim of increasing social justice is an essential element of community development practice.  It involves identifying and seeking to alleviate structural disadvantage and advocating strategies for overcoming exclusion, discrimination and inequality.
  • Collective Action
    Community development practice is essentially about working with and supporting groups of people, to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence so they can analyse their situations and identify issues which can be addressed through collective action.
  • Community Empowerment
    Community development practice seeks the empowerment of individuals and communities, through using the strengths of the community to bring about desired changes.
  • Working and Learning Together
    Community development practice promotes a collective process which enables participants to learn from reflecting on their experiences.