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Anti-Cuts Resources

Many of our SSEC members are facing uncertainty about their funding. The cuts are already hitting hard and we want to ensure that no-one faces this anxiety alone. The following websites may help you make your case against cuts and inspire you to take action.

  • Activist Training
    Unison is offering training specifically for voluntary sector and community work activists: email Learning& to find out more.
  • The Coalition of Resistance
    A broad, united, national campaign against cuts and privatisation in our workplaces, community and welfare services. It seeks to provide a national umbrella for a network of local and sectoral campaigns; and aspires to support, encourage, coordinate, and facilitate a transfer of experience rather than to command.
  • False Economy: Why cuts are the wrong cure
    Moving videos with young and old expressing how cuts will affect them. Explores why the proposed cuts won’t help the economy and proposes other ways of reducing the deficit without increasing inequality
  • Hardest Hit
    Carers UK has launched a campaign against the proposed cuts to disability benefits. The campaign calls on disabled people and carers to email their MPs, protest online and join the Hardest Hit London protest on 11 May.
  • Impact of the cuts
    An analysis by NEF (the New Economics Foundation).
  • National Coalition for Independant Action
    News, views, links and resources
  • No Shock Doctrine for Britain
    For the more technical side to the economics against cuts.
  • Right to work
    A national campaign to stop the cuts, defend public services and the welfare state and fight for every job.

  • Single Women: Singled out
    A report by the Fawcett Society highlighting how single mothers are being hardest hit by cuts.
  • UK Uncut
    Organisers of mass action against the cuts: “If you’re angry that the government is cutting services for the poorest and most vulnerable whilst letting the rich avoid billions in tax, then please join us, even if you have never been on a protest before.”
  • Voluntary Sector Cuts map
    A collaborative project mapping cuts across the sector.
  • Women and the Cuts
    A factsheet from the Women's Resource Centre (WRC) highlighting the impact of the cuts on the wider voluntary and community sector, women’s organisations and individual women in the UK.
  •  A World to Win
    Blogs, videos, photos and resources.

If you'd like to add a resource to this list, please contact us.