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Nat Wei's Maiden speech "...a relative youth with much still to learn"

Thursday 17th June 2016, 10:06

Baron Nat WeiWe sat in the SSEC offices yesterday afternoon awaiting Baron Nat Wei's Maiden speech to the House of Lords with baited breath. Almost 2 hours after the scheduled time (note to self: watch the highlights in future) Baron Wei finally started his speech.

You can read a transcript of Nat Wei's Maiden speech on the Parliament website, and we'll post some thoughts here shortly.

"Most of the creative, innovative and successful work happens with local groups who are at the grass-roots level" - Lord Patel
In the meantime, we were really interested to hear Lord Patel of Bradford's speech, who asked some of the same questions that have been posed around our offices over the last few weeks, for example:

Lord Patel of Bradford“First, how many community organisers will there be and how will the Government ensure that they reflect the full spectrum of the society in which we live? How will they differ from community development officers in terms of professionalism, support and impact? What are they expected to do and how will they be paid?”

Again, you can read Lord Patel's speech on the Parliament website, but here is another quote that echoed our thoughts here at SSEC:

"On that last point, my experience over many years certainly tells me that most of the creative, innovative and successful work happens with local groups who are at the grass-roots level and who, on occasion, are not able to have the resources, expertise or information to submit a comprehensive grant application. Can the Minister tell us what pre-application support, advice and information will be given to these groups to ensure that the usual suspects do not simply receive all the funds? On the key test of fairness, even in these early days there have been some worrying signs that the big society could break down quite quickly.”

We'll be following Big Society developments with interest, and posting our thoughts on here as they emerge. Please do get in touch if there's anything you'd like to share with us, or show your support for us on FaceBook and take part in our discussions on there.

Sue Peterfield, Development Officer - Policy



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