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Community Development National Occupational Standards

Wednesday 15th December 2016, 18:12

...or, what the CD NOS could learn from Buddhism.

One of CD’s great strengths is its creative, heretical energy, its commitment to work alongside people and not on top of them. When I think of the Community Development National Occupational Standards (CDNOS) I see a wonderful encapsulation of most of the elements which make CD so exciting, creative, resilient and oppositional. If someone wants to know why CD is so challenging, and what demands it places on a worker, the CDNOS is the place to go. If anyone is thinking of creating a training programme, the CDNOS covers all the bases. There are some other elements I’d like to see adding over time – for example, the counselling skills required to support volunteers who are facing difficult times, whether in their personal life or within the community group. Or related skills from other walks of life, such as how to manage in an empowering and facilitatory way. And maybe the principles need to be expanded, to include environmental and economic justice, and human rights.

But there is one problem about the CDNOS which bothers me most, and that’s the danger of creating a doctrine and using it to preach rather than communicate. Here’s why.

I was reading one of my favourite books the other night, “Buddhism Without Beliefs”. One of those little books I reread every six months to kick my own backside. The writer argues that Buddha didn’t intend to create a religion with rules and followers; he was creating a practice which could free us from the anxieties of ego so that we are focussed on here and now, with compassion for all beings.

The book describes the process by which exciting heresy degenerates into dogma and oppression. Something creative and exciting congeals: its followers reinforce a new orthodoxy, reducing the inspiration into a formula. And at around the same time an institution forms itself to enforce the orthodoxy. This “Priesthood” becomes oppressive, an elite who judge and condemn.

So that little section of the book is underlined heavily, with stars in the margin. It’s always meant a lot to me because I witnessed the same process as a young Leftie – a creative, living idea turned into Manifesto or Programme and used to bash everyone else on the head with, in an atmosphere of mutual intimidation and hierarchical power. Judgement time! The One True Way! The Law Givers Ride Into Town.

So I must confess.

See, they’ve got inside my head.

So when we use the CDNOS, we need to remember that it is intimidatingly long and detailed, and needs to be introduced with sensitivity. We have some essential messages to convey about why social justice and equalities should be at the heart of everything we do, so that everyone understands it’s not enough to organise and launch gung-ho against the rest of the world. Followers of Alinsky will understand why CD workers want to guide themselves by the lighht of Paolo Freire : CD tempers the anger with nurturing, and doesn't throw itself behind the most vocal or aggressive. Let's use the CDNOS with consideration for all audiences, so that the energy is shared, not just the manifesto.

Paul Barnes, SSEC Chief Executive


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Nice article Paul. I always

Nice article Paul. I always feel that although CDNOS is a great set of tools but the reality of trying to practice CD in an often hostile world where communities are generally unloved by the powers that be can make one feel weary and antagonistic. Sounds like this little gem might be the antidote!!!

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<p>Its interesting. I would

<p>Its interesting. I would like to know more about this…I really wanted to know how this works can you please help me out…….Thanks for sharing.</p>

<p>''We'll worry about

<p>''We'll worry about thatlater Pittsburgh in the last seven years Our defense is a little different than other people'sdefenses and we feel good about itBut here's the thing: All the hoopla aside, the outcome of Sunday's game will likely go a long way toward determining the overall success of the season for the Patriots" Cowboys Lee will play with cast on injured right wrist vs"It's a great opportunity to showcase where we are as a team,and I think everybody's amped up, even more so," Staley said''But Nelson was quick to clarify, and reiterated what he saidearlier in the week, that he had never planned to turn a sidelinemoment into a marriage proposal</p>

<p>hat's the shit of it</p>

<p>hat's the shit of it</p>

<p>The Ugg Classic Cardy is

<p>The Ugg Classic Cardy is one of the most popular styles of cheap ugg </p> <p>boots. They were so popular that when they appeared on the market, </p>

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