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SSEC need your help! An urgent appeal for your support…

Thursday 3rd February 2018, 14:02

For many years SSEC, like many other charities, has been in the fortunate position of receiving direct Government funding to support our work with communities. This funding comes to an end in March 2018 and we need your help to find a way forward.

Our future is uncertain - just as it is for so many charities and organisations right now - but we’re working hard to look for new funding, identify savings and seek out new opportunities.  This is where you come in:


We need your time...

Could you donate some of your time and expertise to support SSEC? There are a number of ways that you could volunteer to help us:

  • Become a Trustee - We’d love trustees like you, who can both take on a governance role and help out with delivery and projects, utilising your skills and experience. You must be a SSEC member. Just fill in the Trustee Nomination form (Word, 407KB)
  • Join a Working Group - We are planning to set up a number of working groups who will meet both online & face-to-face. Read more information and apply (Word, 249KB)


We need your networks...

We have increased our membership from just over 300 early in 2016 to more than 1000, but we can still do more. Please tell your contacts about the benefits of SSEC membership and send them on over to join:


We need your endorsement...

SSEC staff and trustees are available to chair, speak at and help to plan and facilitate conferences and events. We bring a community development slant to the hot topics of the moment, including the Big Society, Localism, community organising, changes in the NHS and more.

Can you put us in touch with anyone in your neck of the woods that might want this sort of input or support and have a budget to pay for it? Could you recommend us next time you’re in a meeting or conversation about such things? Our day rate is £500, though discounts can be negotiated for referrals from SSEC members.

We also offer the following training and support:

  • Introduction to community development
  • Policy briefings, articles & presentations
  • Social media (training, support and development)
  • Empowering approaches to community engagement


We need your money...

Donations aren’t just about money but, let’s be honest, every little helps.
Why not have a whip-round in your team or organisation, at your next event, or among your friends and family?

Take up the SSEC Challenge and organise a fundraising event or do a sponsored run or other activity. Go on, you’ve always wanted to run/swim that 5km/10km/half marathon! Send us your pledges, photos and stories and we’ll include them on our website.


We need YOU!

If you can think of any other way that you might be able to help, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes on our website for updates.

Lorna Prescott, SSEC Chair




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