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SSEC Magazine & Sammie signs off...

Tuesday 19th July 2018, 15:07

Life in the voluntary and community sector has been a bitof a roller-coaster ride of late, and here at SSEC we’re working hard to roll with the punches, survive and adapt. Some of you will know we’ve had to make a few changes at SSEC, and I’m sure that more changes are yet to come. With that in mind, we have a couple of announcements:

SSEC Magazine

We are about to publish edition 65 of SSEC Magazine, which will be our last print edition of SSEC Magazine for the time being. Don’t worry, we’ll continue to publish articles and thought pieces, and are developing a quarterly emagazine (to compliment our current monthly e-zine), with an optional PDF to download and print for those that prefer to read articles on paper rather than on-screen. We absolutely welcome articles from our members and, if anything, this new format will impose fewer restrictions on article length and the use of footnotes and links.

Moving on...

Today is my last day at SSEC as their Development Officer - Communications, due to essential re-structuring. I'll be handing over communications functions to my colleagues who, I'm sure, will do an excellent job in keeping our members up-to-date with all that is going on, and maintaining and developing the communications methods that I've put in place since joining the organisation in May 2016.

Best of luck to all of our members, feel free to contact me if I can help you out with any of your work, and a huge thanks for the warm welcome that I received when I joined SSEC back in May 2016, and the support and encouragement that I've received since then.

Signing off...
Sammie Tanns

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