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The Big Society and the responsive state

Sunday 5th September 2016, 18:09

Hi folks,

The second paper for consideration by CDF’s Independent Expert Panel on Community Development has been circulated. It considers challenges and opportunities for community development suggested by the emerging policy priorities of the new coalition government.

I would recommend a read of the paper, as it provides a helpful summary current policy relevant to CD. Also I’d like as many of you as possible to send in your comments, critiques and challenges to the paper. I will be participating in the panel meeting on Friday 17 September, so in order to prepare I need your feedback by 9am on Thursday 16 September.

If you’re short of time, why not send in quick thoughts in relation to any or all of the following?

  • How can we (CD workers, managers, advocates etc.) make sure that the changing nature of community action doesn’t escape CD approaches, skills and tools?
  • How should we engage with the community organiser model so that it recognises and incorporates a CD approach?
  • How might you ensure that the active citizens of the future are not solely providing services, but are also able to make demands upon authority and power?
  • How can you support growth in activism and needs, especially in the context of public sector budget cuts?
  • What are your hopes and concerns around new forms accountability being developed by the coalition government e.g. the replacement of PCTs with direct GP commissioning

I am happy to receive and read any reports, research or other information about your work which contributes to this debate. Please reply as soon as you can, and at the latest by 9am on Thursday 16 September.

I am greatly looking forward to reflecting the views of SSEC members at the panel meeting.

Lorna Prescott, SSEC Chair

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Hi Lorna Could you or Paul

Hi Lorna

Could you or Paul give me a bell over the weekend?  We've been invited to attend a round table with the Minister for Civil Society and Lord Wei on the 14th and would like a word with you about that.

Cheers Joe


I think the paper is very

I think the paper is very helpful in identifying many of the issues, opportunities and challenges in the new policy context. These are just some brief comments in haste.


One thought I would like to add is this – that in neighbourhoods there are already many community organisers who have lots to offer with their experience and knowledge of local residents’ activities and networks - well below the radar. They are the local community activists, those residents who voluntarily work very hard to keep track of what the local Council and other public agencies are doing. But they may rarely interact with the mainstream voluntary sector, and there is often little support for them. Often some of them are insultingly dismissed as ‘usual suspects’, yet they are already key ingredients of the Big Society in place. 


We have to develop new ways to ensure that their experience is tapped into in these new policy circumstances, and they are supported to develop constructive ways to contribute. There should be a remit to ensure that someone (eg ? CVS) develops local ways and structures to bring resident activists into the policy development process at local level in local public and voluntary sectors on an ongoing basis. SSEC could take a lead in developing ideas on how to do this with its members who are activists or CD workers who work closely with activists. How about asking all SSEC members to see if there are enough / some of us who would like to volunteer to help SSEC develop this?

Hi Thanks for your comments


Thanks for your comments Eileen, and thanks to Gary Craig and Alison Gilchrist who emailed in helpful repsonses. I wholeheartedly agree with you about the ways that active citizens are dismissed as 'usual suspects'. (And I am getting increasingly frustrated when my colleagues in Dudley's public sector talk about wanting 'true representation' at thier public meetings. Yet again dismissing those who invest time and energy in getting involved.) Anyway, I'll bring your suggestion to the attention of SSEC trustees and staff and keep you updated.

Cheers, Lorna

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