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About SSEC (Social Enterprise England Central)

One of the most important benefits of SSEC membership is keeping in touch with developments in the community development field.

Desna Mackenzie, LGEC

We are the national, independent membership organisation for community development, based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

We work to ensure community development is understood by practitioners, funders and policy makers, and is widely applied for the benefit of communities.

We currently have over 300 members and reach over 3000 people, through members who are part of teams and networks. Our membership base is varied and includes agencies, projects and teams, networks and individuals from across the statutory, non-profit and private sector, reflecting a wide range of professional disciplines and community experience.

All our members share the belief that community development values and principles should be at the heart of working with communities.

SSEC works to influence policy and develop the skills of those working with communities by acting as an information exchange and as a voice to articulate the concerns of community development practitioners.

We do this through our wide range of publications, including our magazine and website and through our work directly with members at our conferences, seminars and networking activities.